The first adventure: Misoya

A brief history of this ramen blog: Julian works at a great ramen place, Ippudo, in New York City. Marion does nothing related to ramen but loves to take photos and gently pressured her friend Julian to eat ramen with her and write about it while she takes photos of everything. All of this led to a real, living blog all about the ramen that we consume together. Stay tuned for updates on our quest around the different ramen establishments in the city and our eating habits.

For our first ramen trip, we went to Ramen Misoya, located at 129 2nd Avenue between St Marks and 7th. We forgot to get a picture of the place (something to remember for next time), but it’s comfortably tucked in between a Mexican place and a Ukrainian restaurant.

Moving on to the important stuff: THE RAMEN! Misoya takes its name because it specializes in miso ramen. They serve three distinctive types, Shiro, Kome, and Mame. The Shiro is supposed to have a lighter, less intense flavor than the other two while retaining some sweetness. Kome is the standard miso flavor – rich, aromatic and balanced. Mame is a dark and sweet variety that is apparetntly the richest of the three.

Misoya offers a great lunch special. In addition to your bowl of ramen, you can get a side of gyoza, fried chicken karaage, or fried rice for a small hike in price. I got the spicy Kome bowl with two pieces of chashu and a side of the karaage. Marion had the regular Kome bowl with two pieces of chashu and the gyoza. Each of our bowls came with scallions, menma (sliced bamboo shoots), bean sprouts, pork miso paste, corn, a few roasted potato spears and a complimentary sliced egg.

photo 5
Julian’s Kome bowl (click on the photo for a larger copy)

Misoya ramen 1
Marion’s regular Kome bowl

This ramen was fantastic. The broth is smooth and flavorful, starting out strong and meaty with a nice sweet finish. The noodles they serve go perfectly with the broth – since they are thick, they are able to stand up to the many strong flavors in these bowls. The toppings were all terrific, especially the egg, which was cooked perfectly. We both thought the chashu was out of this world – it’s salty, meaty and sweet all at the same time. Each slice is also very substantial and we both agreed that ordering just one in your ramen is probably enough.

The side dishes we got with the lunch special were good, but nowhere near as awesome as the ramen. I found my karaage to be a bit too flour-y and Marion’s gyoza were perfectly middle of the road. It is clear that the ramen is the star of the show here, but like I said, the dishes in combination make a great deal that is hard to pass up. Marion and I both agreed after our meal was over that this is one of our favorite places we’ve been to so far in NYC, both in terms of the quality of the food and the value relative to other ramen places. 4 stars out of 5.


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  1. Nice work. What makes the egg “complementary”? Isn’t everything in the bowl complementary once it is paid for?

  2. one of my favorites! They know me by name there.

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